Finally Finished…

I’ve been stitching for decades. But, seem to go in and out of wanting to.

Discovering the pillow tuck way of finishing, has changed my outlook and what I want to stitch.

I’m gravitating toward the smaller, tiered tray size patterns.

The little pillow in the center of the bowl is one that didn’t take any time to stitch, but took WEEKS to fully finish. Why? I have no idea. The minute I made the decision to cut it into the size I wanted, find the backing fabric, sew the sides together, stuff it, and hand-stitch the bottom closed, well…it was done in 20 minutes.

So…I’m onto the next small, tiered tray pattern called Daisy Seeds. These are all designed by Stitching with The Housewives. Priscilla and Chelsea are brilliant. Go have a peek…

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