Coffee Shop Hop

Coffee Shop

As someone who loves a GREAT cup of coffee, I also LOVE to work in coffee shops. Have computer or knitting, will travel. This little coffee shop is independently owned. I find the baristas, the music, and the atmosphere to be quite lovely.

I wrote my Dishcloth Diva book series sitting in coffee shops. Now that we can resume life, it’s making it so enjoyable. I often sit here and stare into space, thinking about my next adventure, next design, next book I should write, or just enjoying the atmosphere.

There are so many interesting people in the world, many of which would, and probably should, end up in my next novel. *smiling*

The name of this coffee shop is Third Space. Located in Colorado Springs. The coffee is delicious. The mood is calm. And, the music is delightful, but I’ve already said that.

So, next time you have the chance, stop in at your LOCAL coffee shop. I’m sure they will be just as nice as these baristas are.

Well, I’d better finish my delicious latte. Because, it’s so good and worth every sip.

So, please stay tuned for the next coffee shop hop. I’m sure it’ll be a local place, as well.

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