Bringing Back The Joy of Knitting

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of my free time knitting, and thinking about making. I grew up crafting for others, especially for the Holidays. My mom and grandma always had knitting needles in their hand. So, it was inevitable, I would too. Being a maker, I’ve always wanted to make gifts for others. It too, is what brings me joy.

Making, brings joy to my every day. Slowing down my knitting has allowed me to bring back the joy I once felt while making. Every “crafter” has taken on this mindset, therefore allowing us to be present with ourselves, and feel the joy that “knitting” once was. This so called, slowing down, brings not only joy, but a sense of peace to my day. It’s something that is filled with love, thoughtfulness, and a reason to knit. I’ve also realized that knitting things that don’t bring me joy, well…just need to go. So I’ve ripped out the projects that have taken up needle space, and bags that could me used for other more meaningful projects.

Like Christmas gifts.

Christmas knitting, or as I call it, gift knitting (or making), has a more meaningful way of giving a gift. Sure, it’s easy to run to a store, or Amazon to buy a gift, but that gift will long be forgotten. A handmade gift will be remembered for years.

What’s that one gift you can remember making as a child, that is still talked about today?

As a designer, I love to create patterns that are easy to make for any gift.

Fingerless Mitts.

Blankets for baby.


Hats. Home decor. Socks.

To make your gift making easier, I’m offering a Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Small Business Saturday sale right now in both of my shops. 20% off all single patterns. No Coupon. Ends December 1. So don’t wait.


My hope for you this holiday season, is that you are able to bring back the joy of knitting. If you’re not a knitter, as a maker/crafter. There’s nothing more satisfying than to feel the joy it once created.

Happy making!

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