A New Notebook

I walked into my loft studio, and there across the room sits my green rolling cart filled with notebooks. I may have a notebook addiction. I love a pretty cover, bright pages, maybe dots or lines. I may never use it, or just a few pages. Sometimes I use it up completely. Sometimes just a page or two.

I’m drawn toward botanicals. As an artist, that’s what I draw. More on that another time.

There are many uses for notebooks.

Books I’ve read. To do lists for the day, week, and month. Business goals. Meal planning. Bucket list. Tracking goals. Brain dump. Recipes and meal planning. Things to craft. Travel journal. A daily Diary. Fitness log. Dreams.

Have I given you inspiration? I hope so.

Grab your notebook, or maybe use this excuse to take yourself shopping. Grab some coffee while you’re out. Or perhaps online is a better option. Whichever you choose, pick one that speaks to you.

Happy writing!

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