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Quick and Practical Farmhouse Chic Placemat: Sprigs of Thyme Crochet Placemat Pattern

Features simples stitches, which makes this a quick project.

I read a lot of home decorating blogs that feature how to decorate a table, room, a home. I’m really inspired by the farmhouse look, and how it creates a cozy home, and maybe save some money by making it myself. As a DIY’er, I’m intrigued with the simple projects, simple “ingredients”, and simple textures.

Placemats or tablerunners are the base layer for any table. A way to create your own aesthetic. A way to make a pretty table. Create amazing tablescapes.

If you’re looking for something to crochet, look no further friend. I have the perfect pattern, for the perfect placemat. A way for you to create your cozy.

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