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New SockPattern for the Self-Striping yarn hiding in your stash

Meet your newest favorite self-striping yarn sock pattern.

My Little Sister Chevy Sock Knitting Pattern.

A beautiful, yet simple 2-round repeat pattern, perfect for binge watching your favorite Netflix (or Hulu) series. I’m not kidding when I said, meet your newest favorite. This pattern is so repeatable. You’ll want to knit a pair for every family and friend who ends up seeing it.

A simple cuff that goes right into the heel, then a heel flap and gusset, that takes you down the foot of the sock, finishing with the toe decrease. Done! Quickly cast on your second sock.

This is easily a 10 day (or less) project. Let me share with you how you can accomplish this!

How to knit a pair of shortie socks in 10 days or less.

Happy Knitting, friend!


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