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2022 – A Year in Review

Hello friend,

Following years of uncertainty, with the most challenging of events in history, 2022 proved itself to sustain throughout the entire year. Knit On Designs grew in areas I never imagined. Its strength and endurance proved it will march on through 2023 (and beyond).

Life also has a way of throwing in the more challenging events… like the loss of my dad. After 20 years of dealing with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, it finally was too much for his body to handle. Long story short, on June 3, 2022 he took a horrible fall down 13 stairs – backwards. Yes, he lived, but in and out of the hospital, surgeries, and doctors saying “Dave, It’s all we can do for you”, well, that became a family meeting, followed by staffing meetings. The end result was hospice. I was all on board. Comfort and palliative care was what he needed most, and as my previous 7 year career as a hospice nurse had proven. He passed on July 19, 2022.

Needless to say, it was hard to focus through June and July, but I continued to knit shortie socks. They were just enough of a “pattern”, that I could focus on something other than the whir of the machines; the continuous low sound. For this reason, I chose to design more sock patterns. They brought me so much comfort, I knew that someone else would need that sock pattern to bring them comfort. Pictured below are one of the socks I knit through these two months.

On to my 2022 Year in Review.

New Designs: 22.

Designs still on the needles coming in from 2022: 2 blankets.

Current Personal WIPs: 4.

I had so much fun designing in 2022. Though if I’m being honest, I feel I didn’t work that hard. Maybe that comes from years of working in this business, but I also feel a burning desire to up my focus in 2023. All of my new designs break down as follows: 14 sock patterns, 3 dishcloth patterns, 2 hand towel patterns, 1 baby blanket pattern, 1 hat pattern, and 1 crochet placemat pattern.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of the releases. If not, please follow me over there for my newest design news, daily posts, and KALs.

I have also created a 2022 Patterns in Review “bundle” in my Ravelry Store, If you care to see each one on its own. Pictured below are a few.

I worked with a (very) large yarn brand in 2022. I CAN’T WAIT to share this with you. Sock patterns. A collaboration. I also had several Indie Yarn companies reach out and offer me yarn. So many of my designs came from their yarn.

Product photography is also what I do, and Annies Catalog noticed. They reached out to me this year asking if I would help them with some social media photos. Of course I would! Here are some of those photos…

I’d say this was quite the year! 2022 was amazing, and I really look forward to what’s in store for 2023! You can never plan for the unexpected, but when it does happen, we roll with it. Or we knit…

What’s ahead for 2023, you ask?

Shortie Sock Patterns, a few dishcloth patterns/dish towels, a HOME design or two, and baby blankets. These patterns have become favorites for many knitters and crocheters, and offer so much comfort. More yarn collaborations. More pattern collaborations. A book? We’ll see. 😉

Thank you for your continued support. If you’re still reading, thank you for being here. Please consider signing up for my newsletter.

Happy making, my friend!

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